Calgon Water Softener 32 oz.

Enjoy softer, cleaner clothes with Calgon Water Softener. Add it to your wash for noticeably whiter and brighter clothing. This softener removes hard water minerals that can cause dirt to cling to fabrics. It also provides limescale protection to prevent that annoying white residue that can occur during the washing cycle. With Calgon Softener, you do not need to add bleach. Instead of fading, you clothes will continue to look clean and bright every time you wear them, and the gentle formula will help clothes last longer. This Calgon liquid comes in a 32-oz long-lasting size for your convenience. Great for in the wash for cloth diapers! 


Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.


Add 1 Capful (1/4 Cup) Of Calgon Water Softener Along With Your Laundry Detergent. More Calgon Water Softener Can Be Safely Used In Very Hard Water, Large Loads, Or Extremely Dirty Laundry. Bleach And Other Detergent Boosters Are Not Necessary When You Use Calgon Water Softener

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