Balm Baby Teeth Paste

Balm Baby Teeth Paste

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BALM! Baby Teeth Paste! is a kid's toothpaste that is sugar FREE, sweetened with xylitol - sweet, safe and healthy for teeth.  Balm! Baby Teeth Paste! is made by THinc. (Taylor House inc.) in Hawaii.

BALM! Baby Teeth Paste! cleans teeth and gums and only a pea sized amount is needed. It is vegan and 100% natural!

Size:  2 oz stored in a Glass Jar with a metal cap - totally plastic free

Ingredients: 100% Natural & Vegan - distilled water calcium carbonate, xylitol, pure (mouth safe) essential oil*, grapefruit seed extract

Available Flavors & Essential Oils per flavor:
  • Fresh Mint - pure peppermint essential oil
  • Sweet Orange - pure sweet orange essential oil
  • Spicy Cinnamon - pure cinnamon essential oil