Cold Be Gone/ Allergy Be Gone Nasal Swab Remedy

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Cold Bee Gone is a homeopathic remedy that you swab inside your nose to help

support your body's fight against cold and flu symptoms.  It is a unique blend of

homeopathic ingredients, a honey blend including Raw Active Manuka honey and

essential oils. Targeting Cold Bee Gone to the nose allows it to be exactly where most

cold and flu replicate.  It smells pleasant, is gentle, natural and easy to use.     



Did you know 95% of colds and flu start in your nasal passages? Germs enter your body by

being breathed in or by touching your nose, eyes or even ears!  The germs travel to

your nasal passages where it can remain dormant for up to three days before it

passes it's "code" to your cells.  Then your cells do all the dirty work by replicating

the virus millions of times over.  That is when you will start to feel that familiar tickle

in your throat signaling imminent illness.  Every time you swab, within 15 minutes

your nasal cilia (tiny hairs) deliver Cold Bee Gone directly to the back of your nasal

passages where germs replicate.   


Swab up to 3 times per day at first sign of illness.   

  • Saturate cotton swab with remedy 

  • Gently swab inside nostril in a circular motion

  • Repeat on other nostril with fresh cotton swab

  • Do not insert beyond comfort level

  • Pinch nose gently for a moment

  • Disard used swab

  • Keep remedy in cool, dark location



  • Avoid introducing moisture or contaminants to the bottle.  This can best be achived

      by using a clean, dry cotton swab with each application for each nostril.

  • Your bottle has an expiration date on the label and box. Discard your Cold Bee Gone

      by the expiration date or if your Cold Bee Gone was exposed to excessive heat or light.  

  • Storage guideline listed on package  insert. 

  • If you are allergic to any honey bee products or bee stings please do not use Cold Bee Gone.

  • If you experience any discomfort please discontinue.

  • Protect all Buzzagogo products from light,  heat or moisture.

  • Excessive light and heat can diminish product effectiveness.

  • Raw Honey products have "floaties" or natural particulates in them.  This is naturally

      occuring particulates,  yeast or spores that all unpastuerized honey contains.   

  • Do not use any raw honey product, such as Cold Bee Gone, with a child under the age of one. 

  • Do not ingest Cold Bee Gone. Use only as directed.




The information presented here has not been evaluated by the FDA.  

Product contains unpastuerized honey.