DURAFRESH Natural Wood Fiber Bacteria Fighting Multi-Use Cloth

  • Tired of dirty sponges? Kick the ick and keep the clean with a DURAFRESH cloth. DURAFRESH are a best in class multi-use cloth made from natural wood fiber that is strong, durable and machine washable.
  • Cleaning may not be your thing, but cleaning with a dirty sponge or wasting 2,500ft. (nearly half a mile) of paper towels is nobody's idea cleaning while making a pile of wasted paper and running sponges in the dish washer.
  • Bacteria Fighting Multi - Use Cloth - Sustainable, compostable reusable wood fiber - Good for the environment, you & the planet - Rinses 99.9% germ free in tap water. - Made from Sustainable Forest products. Compostable, 12 weeks post use - Ideal for cleaning all household surfaces.
  • Always smells Fresh and will not hold stinky odors. RINSE away 99.99% of germs and bacteria. STOP WASTING MONEY On Paper Towels, Microfiber Cloths and tiny sponges. Make your households surfaces sparkle and save a bounty of money. Equivalent to half-a-mile or 40+ rolls of paper towels.
  • 1 2-Pack of 9.5" X 11" Cloths

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