Green Air Essential Oil Diffuser

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Ease winter symptoms with the help of
this joyful GreenAir frog diffuser named Jax. Add to your child’s room soothing cool
vapors strengthened
by the power of essential oils.



Be in the pink with this delightful Rosie the Pig diffuser
from our animal diffuser line for kids.
Fill your child’s room with the healthy
benefits of essential oil mist while
spreading a bit of cheerful whimsy.



The purrfect addition to your child’s space … a feline friend named Mimi, a children’s diffuser that both cheers the room and humidifies as well as filling it with the benefits of natural essential oils.



New GreenAir animal diffusers like
Lulu give kids the health benefits of
misting aromatic essential oils with
adorable animal designs. All Creature
Comfort diffusers humidify dry rooms
giving your girl or boy the amazing benefits
of cool air and moist aromatic mist.