Motherlove - Breastfeeding Bundle Fenugreek Free

Motherlove - Breastfeeding Bundle Fenugreek Free

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More Milk Moringa:

More Milk® Moringa is a moringa-based herbal blend to optimize breast milk supply. This concentrated liquid extract delivers a potent combination of milk-making herbs—moringa, blessed thistle, nettle, and fennel—in a convenient vegan capsule. Trusted by lactation consultants.

More Milk Moringa is formulated for moms who:

  • Want to support their milk supply
  • Are pumping
  • Want to increase their freezer stash
  • Are sensitive to fenugreek

Nipple Cream:

Nipple Cream is an award-winning organic herbal balm to soothe sore nursing nipples and make pumping more comfortable. Sore nipples don't have to stop moms in their tracks.

Nipple Cream can be used to:

  • Soothe sore nipples
  • Lubricate pump flanges
  • Moisturize nips, lips, and hands

Motherlove is a Certified Women-Owned B Corp that not only empowers new moms, but also Mother Earth, through our sustainable practices.