Natural Vitality - Natural Calm Bath – Lavender

Natural Calm Bath stands apart from other bath products in that all of its components are food grade. This means you are giving your skin a product of unparalleled quality with only the purest of elements for your bath.

Use Natural Calm Bath as a beneficial opportunity to unwind from the stresses of daily living. It is also great for post-workout recovery and a relaxing meditation to complement yoga practice. Soft, calmful music and  candlelight can certainly add to the experience.

Directions:  Pour 4 oz into a warm bath and enjoy soaking stress away from your muscles and your mind for 20–40 minutes. This jar provides approximately 5 baths.

Ingredients:  Magnesium (magnesium citrate), Brazilian sea salt, organic lavender powder (Lavandula angustifolia)


“Natural Calm Bath: A perfect oasis of relaxation and detoxification.”

Organic Spa Magazine

“Magnesium provides muscle and cellular relaxation that makes it a must for anyone post-workout, post-travel, pre- and post-stressful day, to support optimal sleep, recovery, digestion and overall better health. Natural Calm Bath is a key tool in my #BetterNutritionSimplified arsenal.”
Ashley Koff, RD

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