Unicorn Baby - Beyond Fibre Wash

  • Fragrance Free
    for Babies
    and People with
    Sensitive Skin
  • No Residue Buildup
  • Biodegradable
  • No Harsh Ingredients
  • Great with Hard
    or Soft Water

Beyond Fibre Wash Laundry Concentrate

Strong enough for rough and tumble knitwear,
yet so very gentle on the most delicate
hand-knit creations.

Cleans and Refreshes Fabrics and Knitwear

  • Removes Odors and Soils
  • Rinses Easily
  • Non-Yellowing
  • No Fillers


Add 1 Tbsp Beyond Fibre Wash to 1 Gallon Warm water. Submerge and soak 10 -15 minutes. Rinse in cool water. DO NOT rub or agitate wool.

Warm or Hot water, depending on item.
Use 1 oz for normal loads.
Use less for lighter soil levels or smaller loads.

Note:  To prevent shrinkage or tonal color change in wools or knits - Do not dry item in direct heat source or sunlight.

Tip: Use Beyond Clean for tough soils and heavier cleaning jobs.
Always follow Manufacturer's Care Label directions.
Test for colorfastness before washing.
Ingredients: Anionic and Nonionic cleaning agents.
Contains no bleach additives, phosphates, enzymes, whiteners, petroleum, stripping agents or dyes.

Made in USA

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